IELTS Course in Nepal

May 19, 2022

Prasana is known for its IELTS preparation course, one of the exam preparation courses it offers. 

The IELTS course is designed to provide students with the skills and tactics they will need to take the IELTS exam with confidence and succeed. The course will provide students with extensive practice in each module, ensuring that they understand how to utilize their time best. Students will also take practice exams in each skill under exam conditions, with instructors providing feedback to help them improve.

Why Study IELTS at Prasana?

We offer the best IELTS lessons: Our strategies are enjoyable, comprehensive, and focused on achieving the best possible results.

Teachers who are most knowledgeable and cooperative: Our professors are excellent in the classroom and are always prepared to go above and beyond for you.

The best support is available everywhere: You have availability to the lab and library throughout the day, counselors who are available at all times, and support personnel who listen to your every need.

Practicing mock tests: We hold weekly mock tests. You can take the tests in their whole or only the sections you have finished in your course.

Tests on demand: We usually hold weekly mock tests, but for students who cannot attend, we also provide 'on-demand tests'. You can request sample examinations as needed. For the on-demand testing, you must notify us in advance.

You will receive daily assignments: We assign daily tasks to you. The daily assignments are designed to give you daily practice to help you improve your performance.

We offer revision classes to our students: Even though our courses are just 6 to 7 weeks long, we provide revision classes for our students. Your instructors, who have been tracking your progress since Week 1, will advise you to attend the required revision classes. If you don't feel ready for the actual test, you can follow your revision lessons.

Actual tests booking: When you're prepared to take the official tests, we'll help you schedule them. You can check the test dates with us and then register for the tests!

IELTS Course in Nepal

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About the IELTS


The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) evaluates persons who need to study or work in an environment where English is the primary language of communication. It is a globally recognized qualification required for admission to universities in the UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. It is also widely recognized by numerous professional organizations and is often utilized by governments as a language proficiency guide when providing work visas.


It is divided into four sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The Academic IELTS and the General Training IELTS are the two test formats available. The Listening and Speaking modules are the same for all students, but the Reading and Writing modules in the Academic and GT IELTS are distinct.

Score Scale

The IELTS exam is graded on a nine-band system, with each band equivalent to a certain level of English proficiency. The results of the overall band are reported to the nearest half band. If the average of the four skills finishes in.25, it is rounded up to the next half band, and if it ends in.75, it is rounded up to the next whole band.

IELTS Course Types

Two kinds of IELTS tests are available: academic and general.

Academic IELTS is for international students interested in studying at a UK university or joining a higher education institution.

General IELTS classes concentrate on English survival skills and social and workplace language, making them perfect for students wishing to migrate to English-speaking nations like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Your IELTS score is valid for two years after it has been graded.

IELTS 9-Band Scale

You will be graded on a scale of 1 to 9 for each section of the test. Your average score determines your overall IELTS band score, and you can be evaluated on full or half points.

Score Skill

Skill Overview

Band 9

Expert user

Complete command of the language: suitable, correct, fluent, fully comprehended.

Band 8

Very good user

With only minor mistakes and inappropriate, you have complete command of the language. In various situations, miscommunications are common. Handles lengthy, complicated ideas well.
Band 7

Good user

In some cases, operational command of the language is degraded by mistakes, inappropriate, and misunderstandings. In general, understands deep reasoning and can manage complex language.
Band 6 Competent user Despite occasional mistakes, inappropriate, and misconceptions, a generally good grasp of the language. In familiar contexts, can use and understand somewhat complicated language.
Band 5 Modest user Partial command of the language, capable of dealing with overall meaning in most instances, but prone to making numerous errors. Should be able to communicate in basic terms in their own field.
Band 4 Limited user Basic competency is restricted to familiar scenarios. Has regular issues with comprehension and expression. Is unable to communicate in a complicated manner.
Band 3 Extremely limited user In very familiar situations, simply communicates and recognizes general meaning. Communication difficulties occur frequently.
Band 2 Intermittent user Only the most basic information can be communicated using solitary words or short formulations in familiar situations and to satisfy immediate demands. Understands spoken and written English with difficulty.
Band 1 Non-user Has only a few solitary words in the language.
Band 0 Did not attempt the test There was no clear information offered. The test was not taken.

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What is the IELTS Test?

IELTS consists of four papers: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

IELTS Test Structure

Listening Section:

You will be able to listen to four recordings of native English speakers. A chat between two individuals, a monologue set in a daily social situation, a dialogue between up to four people, and a monologue on an academic subject are available recordings. Each section has ten questions.

Your next step will be to answer a variety of questions. You'll have about 30 minutes to answer 40 questions. Each question has one mark.

Reading Section:

This part has 40 questions that assess a wide variety of reading abilities. These talents are reading for essence, key ideas, detail, skimming, understanding logical arguments, and recognizing writers' viewpoints, attitudes, and intent.

It comprises three lengthy texts gathered from books, newspapers, periodicals, and journals. You have 60 minutes to complete the task, and each question is worth one mark.

Writing Section:

Test takers are generally interested in writing subjects. You must complete two writing assignments. Task 1 requires you to describe, summarize, or explain a graph, table, chart, or diagram using your own words. You must write regarding a point of view, argument, or problem in Task 2.

Both assignments must be completed in 60 minutes.

Speaking Section:

The test takers and the examiner conduct an oral interview in this section. It is divided into three sections. In Part 1, you'll be asked general questions about your house, family, career, hobbies, etc. In Part 2, the examiner will hand you a card with a topic that you must discuss. Part 3 will ask you more questions regarding the topic from Part 2. 

You'll have between 11 and 14 minutes.

What Documents Are Necessary For IELTS Registration?

The IELTS registration procedure is straightforward. Every month, there are usually a number of test dates obtainable. Speaking is one of the four portions of the test that can be scheduled the same day or within the next seven days of your test date.

For IELTS registration, you will only need your passport number and some details. When you take the IELTS, you plan to study abroad or immigrate. A passport will be required for either of these purposes. Registration, test day, and speaking test day all require a valid passport.

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How Much Does IELTS Course Cost in Nepal?

NPR. 25,300.00 for IELTS Paper Based — (Academic and General Training)
NPR. 23,650.00 for IELTS Computer Based — (Academic and General Training)

For test registration, you will need your passport.

Under-18s will need their parents' permission to take the test.

Why is IELTS Important?

The "International English Language Testing System" (IELTS) is a test that assesses English language proficiency. It is recognized by universities and immigration agencies in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

IELTS is accepted by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, including educational institutions, employers, governments, immigration authorities, and professional associations.

How Long Will the Test Take And What is its Format?

The Listening, Reading, and Writing exams take 2 hours and 40 minutes, with no break. Your Speaking exam could be scheduled on the same day as the rest of the exam or up to a week before or after. The first 40 minutes are spent on the listening test, the reading and writing test (one hour each), and up to 15 minutes on the speaking test.

How Do You Determine a Good IELTS score?

A minimum IELTS score of 6 is usually required for undergraduate degrees, rising to 6.5 for postgraduate degrees. A score of 7.0 is necessary for specialized courses such as medicine. However, each university and procedure is unique, so do your research before applying.

Study IELTS in Kathmandu, Nepal

Prasana International Pvt. Ltd. provides IELTS preparation classes in Kathmandu, Nepal to help you achieve a good IELTS score. A high IELTS score guarantees admission to the most outstanding universities globally. Prasana offers tailored exam preparation classes to assist you in achieving the best possible results. Find out how to improve your IELTS score. With a proven track record and a high rate of customer satisfaction.

If you're interested in taking IELTS preparation classes in Kathmandu, contact Prasana International today for more information.

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