Top Countries to Study and Work for Nepali Students

April 15, 2022

Choosing a nation for your future studies might be difficult, as many countries provide high-quality education. There are several factors to consider while choosing the ideal destination for your overseas studies, including the quality of education, the international value of the degree, safety, cost structure, employability, language, and so on. International students are always on the search for nations that give the greatest of these facilities. And, if you're thinking of studying abroad, use the list below to determine the ideal place for you.

Why Do Nepalese Students Prefer to Study in Other Countries?

The reasons why Nepalese students prefer to study overseas rather than in Nepal have a lot to do with the restricted lifestyle and limited educational opportunities available here. Not to mention great education, hands-on experience, permanent residency, post-study job policies, technological access, and other benefits. On the other hand, choosing the perfect destination might be a difficult task. There is a lot for students to think about, from selecting the perfect programs for their further education to meeting entrance and visa criteria. As a result, Nepalese students interested in studying abroad might benefit from Prasana International Educational's comprehensive post.

Here is a list of countries that have the best possibilities to study and work for Nepali students.


study and work in canada

Canada is well-known for its maple syrup and ice hockey, and it is also a favorite study destination for many international students. Canada offers high-quality education at a reasonable cost and welcomes thousands of international students each year. Because Canada is a multilingual country that provides learning in both English and French, being fluent in either language is sufficient. If you wish to study in Canada, you will have a great variety of study possibilities, so picking a topic of interest will not be a problem. Aside from being a fantastic educational destination for students from all over the world, the country is also very safe and has a reputation for nice and friendly people.
When it comes to working conditions for overseas students, Canada enables them to work up to 20 hours each week after their studies begin. Various factors draw international students to Canada, and the number of international students choosing Canada as a study destination grows year after year. If you're wondering how long it will take you to apply for and receive study permission, depending on the number of applications, it might take anything from 1-2 weeks to 16 weeks. If you are on a tight budget, Canada is the best alternative for you. In addition to delivering an excellent education, Canada is also less expensive than other nations in terms of living expenses and tuition costs, and it is also safer.


study and work in australia

Australia is one of the most popular studies abroad locations for foreign students. If you are contemplating furthering your study in Australia, there are several institutions and schools to select from. Australia is home to world-renowned institutions and colleges that provide an excellent education. Australia draws thousands of international students from all over the world because it offers a diverse range of top universities in Australia and college opportunities.
There are several career options accessible in Australia that are suited for students. Australia is continually developing, providing newcomers with an opportunity to become engaged and gain experience. International students studying in Australia are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week once they begin their studies.

United Kingdom

study and work in united kingdom

The United Kingdom is well-known for its top universities for international students and innovative teaching methods, and it has emerged as a popular study destination for international students. The United Kingdom provides a wide range of courses from which students from all over the world can pick. The United Kingdom is a multicultural country that annually welcomes thousands of immigrants and students. Aside from having the highest academic standards in the world, the UK also boasts excellent part-time work possibilities for overseas students wishing to supplement their income. Students with a student visa may work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during semester breaks or holidays.
Even though the sterling pound is a costly currency, institutions and the government of the United Kingdom provide a variety of scholarships to overseas students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. If you want to learn more about the scholarships, you may contact Prasana International Education. We are one of the top UK consultancies in Nepal, and we can assist you with getting UK scholarships for Nepalese students.

New Zealand

study and work in new zealand

Did you know that? New Zealand is a member of the renowned Lisbon Recognition Convention. There are over 40 countries that accept their diplomas, certificates, and degrees, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy. Because the New Zealand education system is governed and controlled by the government, a large number of companies throughout the world search for students graduating from top universities in New Zealand to work for them.
There are many career-focused soft skills taught in New Zealand institutions. Among them are the following: creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, decision-making, and leadership. These abilities enable students to flourish in a fast-paced, competitive employment environment. Students studying in New Zealand also acquire high-quality English language abilities that will help them function in a multicultural workplace.


study and work in usa

When you study in the United States, you get the chance to develop your perspectives on fundamental talents and pave the way to becoming a top competitor in Fortune 500 companies. Whether you select a top university in the United States or an institution in the United States, many student organizations are located on campus to promote and encourage the interests of international students.
Working part-time in the United States will help you prepare for the workforce. Furthermore, while you study in the United States, you will have the possibility to work part-time at research centers, which will pave the way for full-time employment after graduation. As a result of these advantages, the United States is ranked as one of the top five nations in the world to study and work in 2022.

In Summary 

Choosing a nation for your future education may be difficult, and you may seek advice and counseling from a professional. Prasana International Education is one of Nepal's leading education consultants. Our team of professionals will assist you in making the best decisions for your academic future.

You will be required to produce your papers after selecting the country, university, and course for which you will be applying. After satisfying the qualifying criteria, you will need to send your passport, English language proficiency test results, a financial statement demonstrating your ability to sustain yourself while studying abroad, academic documents, a Statement of Purpose, etc. If your application is accepted and you have been chosen, you will get an offer letter from the institution, after which you will be able to advance to the next phase. For a student enrolling in an overseas study for the first time, this can be complex, and you may not know what to do. Therefore, you will need help from a top consultancy in Nepal.

You can make an appointment or contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your academic goals.